Rome Emergency Electrical Services

Electrical problems do not keep regular business hours. You don’t have to be an electrical expert to know that, but you would be surprised by how many professional electricians in the Rome area aren’t available to help you outside of 9 to 5, Monday to Friday.

At Atkins Electric, LLC, we know that when something happens to your home or business’s electricity, you can’t afford to wait until it’s a convenient time for our electricians. We maintain a fully stocked, ready-to-go fleet of electricians and place a lot of emphasis on our ability to quickly respond to any electrical emergency. In the event of an electrical emergency at your Rome home or business, one call to Atkins Electric, LLC is all you need to receive reliable, electrical services from trained professionals.

Even though we rely on it heavily to get us through every single day, electricity always has the potential to be a devastating hazard. And since our company was founded on the principle of providing the people Rome with the best possible electrical services whenever they need it, especially in emergencies.

So, if you are dealing with an electrical emergency, call Atkins Electric, LLC right away and we’ll have one of our licensed and insured electricians on their way to lend a helping hand.

What Constitutes an Electrical Emergency?

It’s very common for us to receive phone calls from residential and commercial clients in a total panic, only for us to realize that their issue isn’t really an emergency. While there is no question that it’s urgent to have their new hot tub hooked as soon as possible, it’s not a life or death situation. The truth is, the field of things that constitute an electrical emergency is very narrow. The best way to determine whether or not you are currently dealing with an electrical emergency is to ask yourself the following questions.

Is the problem consistent? If your answer is no, that it could wait for a normal service appointment, then give us a call to schedule a regular appointment.

Does it affect major appliances, more than one circuit, breaker or multiple electrical systems? If so, then we need to take a look at it right away.

Is your family, home, business or possessions in danger? Obviously, if the answer is yes, you should give Atkins Electric, LLC a call immediately. Call emergency services as well just to be safe.

It’s worth reminding you that even though we depend on electricity, it is a huge hazard that can destroy property and possessions in no time. It can also be lethal. So, we encourage you to always err on the side of caution. Even if it’s not an electrical emergency, our electricians have plenty of experience and can provide you peace of mind while scheduling a regular service appointment if your situation doesn’t qualify as an electrical emergency.

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In the event of an electrical emergency, there is nothing more valuable than fast-responding, reliable electricians, which is exactly what you get when you call Atkins Electric, LLC.